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Former Celtic accepts offer to play volleyball overseas

“A dream come true" is how Aleksander Grzegorczyk describes the life he is living now. Grzegorczyk has moved to Germany where he is playing professional volleyball for the new season which started this month. The recent York University graduate has signed a one-year contract with a volleyball club in Schuttorf, Germany.

“It was quite evident from the first time Aleksander set foot on a volleyball court back at St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School in Binbrook that volleyball would become his preferred sport – one which soon grew into a passion,” noted his mother, Diane Grzegorczyk.

That passion led to two V.I.P. Awards at Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School. His experience as a Celtic and later, as left side hitter at York University, enabled him to develop the skills needed to pursue his dream. He plans to further refine his volleyball skills while playing in Germany.

Grzegorczyk’s determination, disciplined nature and his continual personal goal setting have all contributed to his success thus far. His drive, focus and positive outlook on life in general, have played a key role as well.

“Aleksander has proven that hard work, commitment and a close network of supportive family and friends can make exciting things happen and welcomes the opportunity to perhaps learn a new language while living in Germany,” adds his proud mom.

“He is thrilled for this adventure abroad, as he surrounds himself in a new culture while taking in all it has to offer.”

Former Celtic accepts offer to play volleyball overseas